Griot is the first communication and knowledge capture tool specifically designed for YOU - the field technician.

Griot brings you and your team together into ONE communication app so you can…

  • Tap into the collective knowledge of your team to resolve issues faster.
  • Collaborate in real time.
  • Capture, organize and share the key information you learned at each job.

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  • Get your jobs done right and on time.
  • Increase your first-time fix rate.
  • Look good in front of the customer.
  • Works well with your existing job scheduling tools.

Team Communication

“Griot gives us a way to expand the knowledge circle beyond just the branch and curate, modify, and unify data sources across the whole company.”

– Security Executive

Got a question? Don’t get stuck wondering who is available or waiting for someone to call you back.

Easily text, call or video chat the best person or group of people for help.

Team Communication

Team Collaboration

“Older techs are a coordinating point for the younger guys. With Griot, their knowledge gets shared with everyone all at once so they are no longer a bottleneck.”

– Plumbing Company Owner

Show, don’t tell. 

Use visual tools to instantly communicate in context, share images, or reference product manuals.

Team Collaboration

Job documentation

“Covid has made it harder to get and share information since people are returning to the office less frequently. Griot solves this problem and communication is now better than ever.”

– Team Supervisor

Make it easy to document and share your work. 

It can be overwhelming to document each service request. Griot helps you organize your pictures, product manuals, and videos for future reference. 

Easily share whatever documentation you create with your manager, team, technical support, or even the customer.

Job documentation

Knowledge Discovery

“It’s an easy way to share knowledge amongst the team. The entire team is now used to utilizing the app and it has saved a lot of time.”

– HVAC Tech

Griot automatically organizes content generated from your team’s conversations into a “knowledge feed.”

Shorten the learning curve and change the way you and your team collaborate to learn faster in the field.

Supercharge your performance with the collective knowledge of your entire team at your fingertips.

Knowledge Discovery

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